By Beau Odom 10 Feb, 2016
I learned about Weave almost two years ago during a failed Weave installion in no-where Arkansas. Since my first impression was a bad one, I had my reservations. But after a little research I saw the potential in how it allows the kind of communication dentistry patients want in today's technology.

A little about myself. I've been working in the IT support industry since 2005. Starting off with a small local IT support company, I rose from $8 an hour to a decent living over 7 years doing in-shop computer repairs. 3 years ago I joined my brother, also in IT support, to help him grow his dental IT integrations company . I quickly absorbed all things dental IT, learning what digital sensors were, how to integrate panoramic machines and all the finer things of the many different practice management software’s. But being a naturally observant person, I found that many of my dental clients (close to or over a 100 at this point) all suffered from two universal things, cancelled appointments and no one ever answering their phone.

I believe this to be a result of dental practices not engaging with their patients out of the office as though the patients wish to be engaged. Sure Facebook is great but isn't used by the end consumer for speaking to their local general dentist. Actual phone calls go unanswered because, who programs their dentist telephone number, really. And calls were made by the practices only during working business hours Monday through Friday. This is an outdated, archaic way of communication in today's technological society.  

Then I see .

Back to the failed install. Weave requires a fast, stable internet connection setup by someone who knows what they are doing. If this criteria is matched, then Weave works great. If it doesn't then Weave fails, much as it did at my office in no-where Arkansas with a slow-spotty internet connection. But with these failures, Weave has seemed to learn from its mistakes and the service is only getting better. They have implemented redundant servers across the country as a safeguard to outages and have created a more fluid, stable phone system.  

Weave allows dental offices to engage in the way people wish to be engaged in today's society, through phone calls, text messaging, email and an overall personalized experience. Let me explain.

The Weave software works like this, weave will send you custom high definition Polycom telephones with specialized Weave software. These phones produce a crystal clear phone call and when paired with the Weave software, magic happens. When Jim Smith (generic name I know) calls a practice, the weave software pulls from the dentist own database the patients "family file" before anyone ever answers the phone. The caller ID is displayed on the phone as well as the computer in front of the dental staff. What this does is gives the phone operator a quick glimpse into this patients entire family file. Including upcoming family birthdays, appointments, reminders, balance due, etc. As the call goes on with Mr. Smith he may mention some personal likes or dislikes and these can quickly be jotted down in Weave’s "notes" section allowing the next phone operator to be able to address these small nuances the next time they speak. Making Mr. Smith feel as though they're on the phone with a "friend" and not someone scheduling them to have their teeth drilled on.  

Weave also has full texting capabilities, and my offices that have implemented Weave have found that it has quickly become there main source of communication with the patient. It also sends out happy birthday reminders and appointment reminders 30 days, 7 days, and 24 hours before the appointment. Where this software sets itself apart from the other texting competition like SolutionReach or Lighthouse360, is that when the patient text back to confirm or reschedule the appointment, that text is immediately sent to the office where it can be replied back to by the staff from there computer or even the new weave smartphone app (more on that shortly) to allow a much higher success rate of rescheduling that appointment and retaining that patient. Hence raising the offices revenue and patient retention.

Did I mention that it emails too? All from within the Weave program.

In today's age of technology this is how patients want to be reached, not from cold calls or some robot sending them an unanswered text message, but from people and practices who care about their patients.  

This is why Weave has been able to raise over $60 million in startup capital over the last three years. This is why I see it as a tool to allow my dentist to succeed and in return I succeed. This is why I was the first authorized reseller and installer in the country. I saw weaves potential and my gut said it was special and it is only exceeding my expectations.  

Because of Weave I have had doctors tell me that "Our hygiene schedule has never been so full." Or that, "We have patients coming back in who we haven't seen in years." All because of
Remember the app I mentioned earlier? This is HUGE…

Weave has allowed me to be a beta tester for the new Weave app. This allows the office to view all incoming messages and phone calls while out of the office. It also lets them see a snapshot of there upcoming schedule, recalls, etc. These past few months in Arkansas have been a brutal winter, causing days upon days of ice which led to Arkansas being pretty much crippled for the better part of two weeks. We are not well equipped for ice in the south. My phone was barraged with calls from clients wishing for remote access to their computers. Not a problem with me, because being my client I was able to give them client access on my LogMeIn account, which allowed them to see their computers and reschedule appointments. But with the weave smartphone app, they would have been able to make calls or text from their smartphone and the number being displayed would have been the office number. It also allows the practice to forward calls in case of an internet outage without having to call weave, which was the way it has been done in the past.
Bottom line….Weave is the way every dentist should communicate with their patients. It allows for a more personalized patient experience, a higher patient retention rate, and successful recalls. And it’s only going to get better.

-Beau Odom

My website has a full demo or if you wish you may call or email me   or call me at 501-499-5875 or email Robb at   and be a part of the dental phone revolution and get a firsthand look at this amazing service.  
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