Off Site Backup

  Why is the CDS online backup important to dentists?

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Central Data Storage, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, provides fully supported managed online and off-site computer backup with rapid recovery dedicated to serving dental offices nationally. CDS uses proven encryption technologies that address applicable HIPAA/HITECH regulatory and industry-driven compliance initiatives.  Critical office data is encrypted prior to leaving the office, in flight to multiple data centers and at rest giving clients reliable secure off-site backup breeding recovery assurance.  As a managed solution CDS does the install and configuration of the software via remote entry.  While monitoring all aspects of the process the CDS team verifies the data logs, does integrity checks and is proactive in contacting the dental office when a problem arises.  Moreover, when data restoration is necessary it’s done rapidly by the CDS team to avoid office downtime.

  • Traditional backup methods using portable external hard drives or tapes are highly prone to failure and data corruption.  Data on these office portable drives is NOT protected with encryption so breach is very possible.
  • HIPAA/HITECH Breach notification requirements include notifying all affected individuals, HHSSecretary, Media and having the breach published on the HHS.GOV Website.
  • Fines are now being levied by the Office of Civil Rights and include automatic fines and criminalpenalties.
  • On a daily basis offices must have a reproducible copy of all data off-site .
  • Loss of data can result in loss of your dental office.  Difficult to recreate documents and images for patients electronically.

Key Benefits:

  •   No longer a need to take home the external hard drive each day
  •   Complete data safeguard: security and privacy
  •   Operational efficiency: Zero staff resource time
  •   Ensures 100% data health and disaster recovery of data
  •   Both plan and fixed storage costs
  •   All data would be encryptedto meet HIPAA/HITECH law
  •   Daily monitoring by CDS (verification, integrity checks, daily reports, log monitoring)
  •   CDS Fast data recovery: Reduced restoration time from days to several hours or even minutes
  •   Provided data versioning: Changes over time will be kept.  If mistakes are made CDS can go back to a requested version date.
  •   Provided true archiving-CDS would have all accidentally deleted data archived on the portable drive for restore.
  •   Not just the last few days but any data from months/year’s past.  This would not be available if you manually do yourself.
  •   Smaller Backup Footprint: Reduce disk capacity requirements by up to 80%.
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