Weave F.A.Q.

Frequent Asked Questions (F.A.Q) about Weave Dental Phone Systems

Does Weave support my practice management software?

-Weave is constantly adding more practice management softwares to is supported lineup.  Currently Weave is fully supported on the following dental practice managent softwares:  Dentrix G4 and G5, Eaglesoft 15, 16, and 17, Softdent 14, 15, and 16, Practice Works 7, Open Dental, MacPractice, and Practice Web.  If your software is not listed here please contact us for availabilty.  We will be happy to contact Weave and find out for you.

Why should I purchase Weave through PCSI? 

-PCSI is the #1 national reseller and installer for Weave.  We have built a very close working relationship with the staff at Weave and have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Weave.  As a PCSi powered Weave client, you will be able to contact us for training and support as well as contact Weave directly.   PCSI gets things done!  We also have extensive knowledge of what it takes to make a successful deployment happen and how to keep things working for a troublefree experience.

PCSI also has the ability to offer incentives and special rates that others may not be able to.  We also have the ability to negotiate on behalf of our clients to ensure you are getting the best value possible. 

What is VOIP and is Weave Internet Based?

-VOIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol" which means that Weave is a full service phone system just like a traditional land line phone system except it uses your high speed internet connection instead of traditional phone lines.  If you are using Comcast business phones or other Cable internet phone systems already then you should already be familiar with VOIP.  

If you have a weak or spotty internet connection, you may want to think about upgrading or contacting us to find out if there is any other service in the area.  PCSI will go to great measures to ensure your Weave transition is as smooth as possible and we will be the FIRST to tell you if it will not be a successful deployment.  

Can I keep my current phone lines?

-YES you will keep your current phone numbers.  There are rare cases where the phone companies refuse or have some other issue with porting a number to Weave Communications, in this case we do not suggest signing up for Weave.  During the Demo and Sales process PCSI will check and doublecheck porting compatibility before deployment.  If the number is not a portable number then we will inform you immediately. 


How does Faxing work with Weave?

-Faxing currently is not supported by Weave but will be in the future.  Most offices keep one land line with their current phone company and that line is the fax line.  Or they sign up for efax.  The offices that have signed up for eFax are many times more pleased with it than a traditional fax because they can pick and choose what to print instead of being forced to print every spam fax that comes through their fax machine.  Efax is a benefit for the office in terms of papercost and also the environment. 

What happens when the internet goes out?  Do we still recieve phone calls?

-This is the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT question we hear with every Weave Sale.  The answer is simple.  YES, if your internet goes out then so does your phone system.  Thankfully, Weave has a simple solution that is provided with the service at no addional cost.  The Weave iPhone and Android app for your smartphone.  Simply log into the Weave app on your smartphone and forward the calls to a cell.  Or, you can call PCSI or Weave directly and we can get your main line forwarded to any number you choose and simply turn off forwarding when your internet connection is restored. 

High speed internet is much more stable than it was even 5 years ago, so this isn't the issue it use to be.   Normally a simply reboot of the modem and router in your office will get your internet working.  If you current IT isnt available, you are more than welcome to contact PCSI for internet assistance. 

Will we have to purchase new networking equipment for Weave?

-Although it is not normally necessary to purchase new equipment, sometimes we HIGHLY recommend certain brands, etc.  We will only suggest new networking equipment such as routers, ethernet switches, or even new cabling if we deem it necessary for a successful deployment. We will ALWAYS attempt to work with with current equipment first.  In some rare cases if a office refuses to purchase recommended equipment we will refuse to sale, install, or support Weave in that office.  This is because we are VERY familiar with what works and doesnt work with a sucessful Weave deployment, and we would rather not sell Weave, than have a client with a bad experience.  We will be happy to do a FREE network equipment evaluation prior to deployment.

Will my current land line phones work?

-No, Weave uses special VOIP High Definition Polycom Business Line phones.  By purchasing Weave through PCSI we are able to get your up to 10 FREE new office phones! These are very nice devices that use state of the art hardware and software to ensure a clean phone call with each and every connection. 

If you have any questions that are not on this FAQ please fill out the form below and a representative will be in contact with you shortly, or you can call or text (501) 499-5875.  

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